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Western Governors University

Teacher Education, Interdisciplinary Studies

Program: Teacher Education, Interdisciplinary Studies
Degree or Certificate: BA / Bachelor of Arts
Department: Teachers College
Program website:
Program specializations:


Program mission statement:

The content of the WGU Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies derives from research on effective instruction as well as national and state standards. It provides the knowledge and skills that enable teachers to perform effectively in diverse classrooms. The program content and training processes are consistent with the accountability intent of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The degree program is focused on the preparation of 'highly qualified' teachers. As described in the federal legislation, a 'highly qualified' teacher is one who not only possesses full state certification, but also has solid content knowledge of the subject(s) he or she teaches. The hallmarks of our program include:
(a) appropriate and rigorous subject-matter preparation,
(b) scientifically-based pedagogical course preparation, and
(c) clinical field experiences in which Teacher Candidates are supervised by trained coaches.

Professional accreditation: National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
Program learning outcomes:
What Will I Learn?

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) is a competency-based program that enables Teacher Candidates to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree and a K-8 teaching certificate online (except for the in-classroom component Demonstration Teaching, and options for in-classroom field experiences prior to Demonstration Teaching). This program consists of four balanced areas of study (domains), competency-based assessments, and the creation of a professional portfolio. It includes a supervised teaching practicum in a real classroom, and thus prepares students for initial teacher licensure. Specific competency domains and subdomains for this degree can be viewed at:

Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?:

WGU's philosophy of assessment is to measure each competency in terms of "knowing," "knowing how to," and "doing," through both objective and performance assessment. (a) Objective Assessments are designed to evaluate your knowledge and skills in a domain of knowledge. Most objective assessments include multiple-choice items, multiple selection items, matching, short answer, drag and drop, and point and click item types, as well as case study and video based items. (b) Performance Assessments contain, in most cases, multiple tasks such as scored assignments, projects, essays, and research papers. Performance Assessments contain detailed instructions and rubrics for completing each assigned task and are submitted via TaskStream, an online project management and grading tool. Performance assessments also include observations and reflections of videotaped and real classroom situations. These pre-clinical experience performance assessments provide reflection instruction and enable students to analyze teaching and learning in real classroom situations and apply pedagogical knowledge. (c) Essay Assessments are used to measure your ability to integrate and apply concepts. Your writing will be scored against competency-based rubrics established by the faculty. (d) Observations are used to measure your ability to perform the skills you have acquired during your time at WGU. These classroom observations occur during the Demonstration Teaching experience and are conducted and evaluated by a trained local Clinical Supervisor.

Assessment Pass rates for Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies students: 65.2%

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Results of External Exams/Assessments: What third-party assessments will measure what I have learned?:

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