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Masters of Business Administration

Program: Masters of Business Administration
Degree or Certificate: MBA / Master of Business Administration
Department: College of Business
Program website:
Program specializations:

(1) MBA Information Technology
(2) MBA Healthcare Management

Program mission statement:

The WGU Master of Business Administration program content is based on the knowledge and skills that provide expertise in the areas of business and management. WGU's challenging MBA program is for individuals who already possess "real world" experience and seek in-depth knowledge in management and strategy.

Professional accreditation: Not Applicable
Test(s) Required for Program Admission: N/A
Face-to-Face Requirements: N/A
Program Credits/Units to Graduation: N/A
Program learning outcomes:
What Will I Learn?

The learning outcomes are divided into three domains.
(1) The graduate level business core prepares graduates to demonstrate advanced business concepts in the areas of financial reporting, analysis, and markets; domestic and global economic environments; creation and distribution of goods and services; and, human behavior in organizations. Students demonstrate mastery in the following subject matter; organizational behavior, operations management, strategy, accounting, finance, economics, marketing and quantitative analysis.

(2) The graduate-level leadership and professionalism subject area covers many of the non-technical leadership issues that face organizations. The leadership and professionalism assessments address the human rather than the technical side of organizations. The assessment consists of the following subject areas: leadership, professionalism, change management, ethics, legal issues, and change management.

(3) The graduate-level management and strategy assessments prepare graduates to thoroughly demonstrate an understanding of manager roles, information technology for the manager, operations, and graduate-level strategic management.

Specific domains and subdomains for each degree option can be found as follows:
MBA: http://www.wgu.edu/program/430
MBA IT: http://www.wgu.edu/program/302
MBA HC: http://www.wgu.edu/program/432

Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?:

WGU's philosophy of assessment is to measure each competency in terms of "knowing", "knowing how to," and "doing," through both objective and performance assessment. (a) Objective Assessments are designed to evaluate your knowledge and skills in a domain of knowledge. Most objective assessments include multiple-choice items, multiple selection items, matching, short answer, drag and drop, and point and click item types, as well as case study and video based items. (b) Performance Assessments contain, in most cases, multiple tasks such as scored assignments, projects, essays, and research papers. Performance Assessments contain detailed instructions and rubrics for completing each assigned task and are submitted via TaskStream, an online project management and grading tool. (c) Essay Assessments are used to measure your ability to integrate and apply concepts. Your writing will be scored against competency-based rubrics established by the faculty.

The overall pass rate for students in the MBA programs is 71.4%

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Results of External Exams/Assessments: What third-party assessments will measure what I have learned?:

Not Applicable