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Information Technology

Program: Information Technology
Degree or Certificate: BS / Bachelor of Science
Department: College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology
Program website:
Program specializations: None
Program mission statement: In order to prepare for careers in industry and business, students are provided with a sound theoretical and practical background in network design, information technology infrastructure administration, project management, systems administration, and technical communications.
Professional accreditation: Not Applicable
Program learning outcomes:
What Will I Learn?
For the following list OC is short for "Outcome":
OC#1) Graduates will be prepared to compete successfully in securing employment or progressing in their chosen field.
OC#2) Graduates will apply network design to small- and medium-scale networks.
OC#3) Graduates will apply the foundations of management information systems to redesign and reshape organizations through the information systems that support them.
OC#4) Graduates will practice effective systems administration and scripting techniques.
OC#5) Graduates will apply current industry practices to the assessment of information systems in order to prepare, implement, and maintain security plans.
OC#6) Graduates will communicate effectively for a range of purposes and audiences.
Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?: Assignments from courses are collected and reviewed by external evaluators to determine the level of competency for each outcome. All outcomes were assessed in '07, when a binary scale was used. From April '08, a 3-point scale replaced the binary scale, based on recommendation from HLC Evaluation Team.

The numbers reported below show the percentage of student projects that were considered by an independent review team to have met the specific outcomes for the academic program. Please note, that for the following list OC is short for "Outcome":
2007 Results
OC#1 Secure employment: 59%.
OC#2 Network Design: 65%.
OC#3 MIS: 73%.
OC#4 System Administration:63%.
OC#5 Security: 50%.
OC#6 Communication: 76%.

This assessment led to a redesign of the Major Capstone. The redesigned course started running in Sept '07.
Results of External Exams/Assessments: What third-party assessments will measure what I have learned?: Not Applicable