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General Business Administration

Program: General Business Administration
Degree or Certificate: Master of Business Administration (MBA) General Specialization
Department: School of Business and Technology
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General Business Administration



Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Health Care Management

Human Resource Management

Information Technology Management


Project Management

Program mission statement:

The Master of Business Administration is designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking to advance their careers in management and turn experienced managers into effective leaders. The MBA focuses on practical content, relevant skills, and job-related behaviors critical for success in today’s competitive environment.


This MBA specialization provides a broad examination of core business functions and organizational management aspects and meets the needs of business professionals by presenting a thorough introduction to traditional business disciplines such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and statistics.

Professional accreditation: Not Applicable
Program learning outcomes:
What Will I Learn?

1. Demonstrate ethical and legal principles and an understanding of the organizational and societal implications of ethical behavior.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of financial management in theory and application for decision making.

3. Demonstrate how organizations create value through the integration of production and distribution of goods, services, and information.

4. Demonstrate professional effectiveness through leadership and collaboration and be able to apply within practical settings.

5. Demonstrate an understanding and the application of the various economic theories, strategies, and practices for domestic and global environments.

6. Demonstrate effective professional and interaction communication skills.

7. Demonstrate an understanding of statistical data analysis and management science as they support decision-making processes throughout an organization.

8. Demonstrate the ability to identify, select, justify, and apply strategic management techniques (technologies) to organizations.

9. Demonstrate the social competence necessary to effectively interact with multiple cultures, ethical systems, and economic environments.

10. Demonstrate an understanding of the information technologies as they influence the structure and processes of organizations and economies and the roles and techniques of management.

Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?:

Click here to see outcome data for  Capella University's MBA General Business Administration specialization. 


The effectiveness of Capella University’s MBA General Business Administration specialization is measured directly during specialization-specific capstone courses using criterion-referenced assessments of the intended specialization learning outcomes.  In 2009, over 70% of the learners' outcome demonstrations were judged to be at the proficient level of performance or higher on 6 of 10 program outcomes. Faculty have reviewed these data in detail to gain insights into their program's effectiveness, to ask new research questions, and to create action items to improve the program. The outcome data reported are an aggregation of the program outcome assessment data from the capstone course, which is intended to serve as an indicator of the program's effectiveness.

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