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Business Administration

Program: Business Administration
Degree or Certificate: BS-Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Department: College of Professional Studies School of Management
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Program specializations:

We also offer a BSBA with a minor in Health Care Administration.

Program mission statement:

The Business Administration program at Regis University is designed to prepare students for management and leadership positions within business organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. It includes courses in the topics of Business Administration and Economics. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of business principles and practices and the economic environment in which they will work. They learn to communicate effectively, to make ethical decisions, solve problems, and to operate within diverse cultures. In addition, the program develops knowledge and skills focused on requirements for specialization within the functional field of choice through a choice of majors: Business Administration with various concentrations; Marketing; Human Resources Management; and Organizational Development.

Professional accreditation: Not Applicable
Program learning outcomes:
What Will I Learn?

Regis University uses rubrics to assess student learning in Content Knowledge, Communication, and Critical Thinking.

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Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?:

Regis Unviersity conducts direct assessments of student learning using faculty teams to review samples of student work using a standard set of rubrics.

These results reflect the average of two years of assessments of the Senior Capstone.

Composite results for 2005 - 2007
Knowledge: 3.07
Communication: 2.97
Critical Thinking: 3.10

Results of External Exams/Assessments: What third-party assessments will measure what I have learned?:

Not Applicable