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Regis University

Nonprofit Management

Program: Nonprofit Management
Degree or Certificate: MS / Master of Science
Department: College of Professional Studies School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Program website:
Program specializations: Not Applicable
Program mission statement: The Masters of NonProfit Management (MNM) Program offers an academically rigorous, conceptually-based, and applications oriented course of study for individuals interested in enhancing their leadership and management capabilities within the nonprofit sector. The MNM Program prepares its graduates to be effective leaders who exhibit professional competency in integrating theory, experiences, and social justice in an effort to promote the advancement of the sector.
Professional accreditation: Not Applicable
Program learning outcomes:
What Will I Learn?
Regis University developed a set of rubrics (Critical thinking rubric, Program rubric) to assess student learning in Ethics, Evaluation, Critical Thinking, and Communication. Rubrics are based on a 4 point scale with 4 = Excellent and 1 = Unsatisfactory
Evidence of Student Learning - Internal: How will the program measure what I have learned?: We conduct direct assessments of student learning using faculty teams to review samples of student work using a standard set of rubrics.

These results reflect the average of one year of assessments of the Senior Capstone.

Communication 3.5
Critical Thinking 3.5
Ethics 3.6
Evaluation 3.5
Results of External Exams/Assessments: What third-party assessments will measure what I have learned?: Not Applicable