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Union Institute & University

Brief Accounts of Institutional Philosophy

Academic Model Mission Statement

Institution Overview

Regional accreditation: Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and School
Degrees / Certificates offered: BS / Bachelor of Science
BA / Bachelor of Arts
Certificate / Post-baccalaureate
MA / Master of Arts
PhD / Doctor of Philosophy
EdS / Education Specialist
PsyD / Doctor of Psychology
EdD / Doctorate of Education
Total enrollment: 1,707
Full-time equivalency enrollment: 1,421

Student Demographics

Average age: 39.0 years More Information
Percentage employed (at time of admission): 88.6% More Information

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Age Distribution Online, On-campus, or Hybrid
Chart of age distribution Chart of online vs. on-campus classes

Race/Ethnicity Part-time/Full-time Enrollment
Chart of student race/ethnicity Chart of part-time/full-time enrollment status