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Time Management
You’ll also need to be a time bandit. The amount of time required for pursuing your online education will challenge you to consistently maintain a steady balance between your job, course work, personal responsibilities, and social life. Since most online learners are busy adults, you’ll find that most programs have online discussion forums, outside of course work, where fellow students provide each other with moral support and shared advice about these kinds of issues. Another key ability of any successful online leaner is not falling behind on coursework at any time. Playing catch-up is problematic, especially in the online learning environment.
 Ready to test your time management skills? Check out this free tool by the folks at MindTools.  When taking the assessment and analyzing your results, think about how these skills will apply to your course work.
Here's a little inspiration by way of Randy Pausch, a computer science and computer-human interaction professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who, while fighting pancreatic cancer, truly gave his last lecture, which inspired many.  Below is a segment on time management and the document created based on Dr. Pausch's lecture and book.