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Communication Skills
Good communication skills are vitally important in the online learning environment. Your ability to communicate effectively online will have a strong impact on what you will ultimately get out of your educational experience. When contributing to an online course discussion, practice good netiquette and give yourself enough time to post an intelligent, meaningful, clear, and concise statements rather than something that is hastily typed-up just to be recognized as a participant.
If you are required to participate in a video chat, virtual meeting or other course meeting where you will be conversing orally with faculty and peers, remember to be professional.  Inc. Magazine, a leading business publication, maintains on its website a Guide to Better Communication with Employees and Peers.  It has topics ranging from "Communicating when people leave you speechless" to "Are you Aggressive or Assertive?" and "Talk Targets: Becoming a Magnet."  Although some of the articles are a tad dated, they still contain good basic rules to follow when communicating during your program of study.