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Writing Skills
If it has been a while since you enrolled in a higher education course or are a first-time student, you will need to brush up on your writing skills. In addition to basic writing skills, you will need to understand how to quote and cite sources of information for course-assigned academic papers or essays. You also will have to understand how to avoid plagiarism. Some programs will require that you follow the guidelines of a particular writing and citation style, such as the Chicago Manual of Style; the American Psychological Association (APA) style;
Modern Language Association Style; or, in journalism programs, the Associated Press (AP) style.
Don’t worry if your academic writing skills are rusty; this is not uncommon for adult students who have not been in an academic environment for a while. Most programs have freely-available online writing labs and other writing-related tutorial services that will walk you through the ins and outs of academic writing and how to avoid the possibility of plagiarism. A great online resource for all things related to college-level writing is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.