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4. How do I find Information I can trust?
You can find online programs that interest you by searching on the web, but you’ll want to be careful about where these searches take you. Top-level search engine results will link to a wide variety of websites that publish information about online programs. However, many of these websites are driven by a variety of marketing and advertising mechanisms that may not have your best interests in mind.
But don’t worry: At College Choices for Adults, we’re committed to providing you with quality data, not marketing fluff. All of our data are reviewed by a 3rd party higher education non-profit, the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies for quality assurance.
What’s more, program learning outcomes, assessment measures and results of those measures are difficult to find elsewhere, even on an institution’s own site, but all programs here MUST provide that information in order to be published. And all of our participating institutions are regionally-accredited.
And you can rest assured that we’ll never ask for personal information – even our website feedback form can be submitted anonymously. That means we won’t provide our members with leads; rather, their small annual dues go to hosting the data on College Choices for Adults, 3rd party review of the data and maintenance and development of this website.
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